Digital Transformation Review n° 7: Strategies for the Age of Digital Disruption

Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist. These are challenging times for companies as the speed, volume and complexity of change intensify. Disruption can happen at any time, in any sector, and its effect on traditional organizations can be fundamental. This is why we chose to dedicate our seventh edition of the Digital Transformation Review to digital disruptions. How can organizations survive and thrive in the age of digital disruptions? We posed this very question to a panel of industry leaders, academics, startup founders, analysts and technology gurus from three different continents.

Working with our global panel, we have built a detailed picture of the digital disruption phenomenon, probing the key questions that organizations need answers to:

  • Why are we seeing so many disruptions?
  • What shape are these disruptions taking?
  • How can we plan for the emergence of disruptors?
  • How can organizations respond to disruption?
  • Which startups are likely to emerge to disrupt sector value chains over the coming years?

We hope this edition of the Digital Transformation Review will help increase your understanding of the disruptive and challenging times we live in.

Map of guest Contributors

When Digital Disruption Strikes: How Can Incumbents Respond?

Our research, involving over 100 companies, draws on the lessons learned from incumbents that have successfully tackled disruption and outlines the key strategic responses. Our analysis shows that successful companies have a relatively even spread across different tactics: they have acquired competition, hired digital talent and gone down the legal route too.

Response Tactics of Successful Incumbents

N = 84
Note: Figures refer to percentage of companies adopting a particular approach. Multiple responses per company
Source: Capgemini Consulting Analysis

About the Digital Transformation Research Institute

We are a global team drawing on a worldwide network of expertise and with dedicated research centers in the United Kingdom and India. We research the impact of digital technologies across sectors and corporate functions.

The quality of our research on digital transformation has been recognized by many analysts in the industry. Recently, Source Consulting, a leading market analyst, stated in its influential biannual survey on thought leadership: “The real success story here is around digital transformation, a subject on which the firm has produced several excellent pieces and now a dedicated journal.” In its most recent report, the firm ranked Capgemini Consulting as #2 in its thought leadership leaderboard for H1 2014.


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